Sold Out. Unfortunately, I am no longer making new Stair Hooks due to insufficient demand.
Space-efficient storage
for your bicycle.
Stair Hook addresses the problem of overcrowded bicycles in tenement stairwells.

The many bicycles stored in stairwells cause fire escape hazards and a build up of bicycles near the very few convenient lock-up points, meaning difficult to access and poorly secured bikes.

Stair Hook suspends your bike in otherwise unused space.
Safe Storing your bike Hi the walkway side of the stair is a fire escape hazard. Stair Hook suspends your bike in free space.
Secure By suspending your bike right next to the banister poles, you can easily use a U-lock to secure the frame or wheels.
Strong A typical road bike weighs 7kg.
A typical mountain bike weighs 16kg. Stair Hook supports 20kg.
Stair Hook is 3D printed in ABS (a tough plastic) then submerged in an acetone vapour bath to add gloss and increase the part's strength and durability. Stair Hook securely clamps onto any cylindrical pole with a diameter between 20mm and 30mm. That's about anything from the size of a 1 pence coin to a 2 pound coin.
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Made in Edinburgh.